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Long Shot Exhaust System

Long Shot Exhaust System

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 Our Royal Enfield Interceptor/Continental GT Long Shot Exhaust:

This system is supplied as a full stainless steel exhaust system with removable baffles and utilises the original exhaust mounting placement.

This system comes with a brushed stainless steel finish and there is no need to remap your ECU as you can allow the ECU to auto-adjust and it will perform optimally within the stock parameters. 

The original exhaust system weighs in at 16.5kg and our new long shot exhaust system 2 into 2 offers upto a 13kg saving.

• Kit supplied with stainless steel fixings and new gaskets - no additional parts required
not marked for UK or EU road legal - fitted with removable db killer
• fully manufactured in the UK with quality 304 stainless steel
• 45mm bore headers - wadded muffler chamber
• total weight saving of up to 13kg
• not fitted with catalytic converters
• one year manufacturers warranty (against manufacturing defects)

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