Bike Shed 2023 Build - The Mudslinger

 But what should we build was the question? Something that is undeniably a “SOLD OUT” bike, but maybe in a slightly different direction.

 We all love a retro bike here of course, but we also love the aesthetic of old school motocrossers and dirt ready scramblers. So, we decided to give an Interceptor 650 an offroad makeover and the idea of ‘The Mudslinger’ was born.

We started by sourcing a brand new bike and the latest Barcelona Blue model was picked largely because of its all black engine. It also comes with cast wheels, but as we were going to change them anyway, it didn’t matter.

First jobs was the strip the bike down and start looking at geometry. The plan was always to switch the front wheel for a 21 inch hoop, and we wanted to make sure that the bike looked right, had more ground clearance and of course handled well. After much deliberation a set of KTM 250 EXC forks were chosen.

Obviously those won’t slip straight into the stock yokes, so our Tracker Yoke set was redesigned to take the fork leg diameter, as well as a custom bracket to mount the stock twin clock set up closer to the bars. Whilst we were at it, it gave us the opportunity to relocate the ignition switch down in the left hand side of the bike.

A custom bracket was also designed to hold the stock LED headlight in place with integrated mounts to take small led indicators, and the bike wouldn’t look right without a headlamp grill, so one was added and everything was blacked out.

We switched back and forth between a modern motocross mudguard and an old school aluminium one, and ended up plumping for the former on the basis of aesthetics. We are sure it will split opinion, but we thought this one looked ‘right’

A 21 inch SM pro rim was laced with red spoke nipples and shod in a Michelin Anakee Wild tyre for that aggressive but purposeful look. Whilst at the back a stock ‘spoked’ 18 inch Royal Enfield wheel was used again with the matching Anakee wild.

The stock rear shocks were replaced with a set of YSS units. Originally measuring 360mm, they were extended to 420mm to get the geometry correct. This time we decided to use one of our short aluminium mudguards mated to a bolt on short tail loop, finished off with a Motone customs tail light.

Back up at the front, the stock bars were replaced with a black fat bar, and all of the wiring was fed internally through them to clean up the cockpit. We really like the new switch gear, and it worked so well with this build that we decided to retain it, which made things much easier. A set out or handle bar clamps hold it all in place.

Beartrap footpegs and brake and clutch foot controls were added, and the last two jobs were paint and exhaust.

Of course it made sense to run a twin high level pipe, so the guys got busy with the welding equipment, and we think they turned out nicely.

Colour is always a difficult decision, but Candy Red came up in conversation early and it just works. The combination with gloss black is lovely and subtle, and the old school Royal Enfield logo was matched with the Sold Out logo on the reworked stock side panels. 

The seat then just had to have red stitching to complement it, and this all new design just works so well with the overall look.


We are really pleased with how the bike turned out, and pretty much all of the team wanted to take it home for themselves! But, that’s not going to happen as the bike will be going up for sale after the Bike Shed Show, and if it’s the sort of thing that floats your boat, £12,995 will see in in your garage.



Of course we plan to build more, so why not get in touch and have a chat?

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